[Beta] Chatwoot with OnlineLiveSupport

To Connect ChatWoot with OnlineLiveSupport

Step 1: Add New Inbox

Open your chatwoot account -> Inboxes -> Add Inbox -> API -> Channel Name -> Create API Channel

Step 2: Parameters to fetch

Get all of these parameters and share with OLS team via email at [email protected]

  1. apiAccessToken - How to get apiAccessToken

How to get accountId

Open your chatwoot dashboard -> Settings -> Account Settings -> Account ID

How to get apiAccessToken

Chatwoot dashboard -> Profile Icon -> Profile Settings -> Access Token

Note: We are aware of the security concern to share the API keys, and rest assure that the data will be secure at our end and we are not going to share this data publicaly. We will try our best to improve this integration, where user do not need to share the token in future manually.

How to get endPoint

endpoint is your domain where you have installed the chatwoot

How to get inboxId

Chatwoot Dashboard -> Conversions -> Open newly created Inbox for WhatsApp

How to get Client ID

  1. Open your Online Live Support dashbord - https://api.online-live-support.com/

  2. WhatsApp Instances -> API Key -> Copy Client I

How to get Instance ID

Note: Once you get above information, please do email us at [email protected]

There will be some additional fees will be charging for Chatwoot & OLS integration

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