Session not found

Session not found is when you get disconnected from WhatsApp

What should I do if I go through with "Session not found"

Answer: In any of the case where you have seen "Session Not Found" you may not able to connect with your whatsapp number again. Follow the Step 2: Connect Your WhatsApp Number

Best Practices to follow to prevent getting disconnected from WhatsApp

  1. Connect with the same wifi and make sure the internet is available all the time.

  2. Leave the WhatsApp application open and use an application to keep the screen always on

If you have an Android, install Keep my phone on or similar:

Notes: downloading the app is not enough; to keep the screen always on, you need to install and activate the widget as in the video below.

If you a­­re using an iPhone, follow these instructions:

a. Never switch off the phone: once the internet connection is lost, it will not be possible to receive / send messages from Online Live Support. Various businesses turn off their mobile phones over the weekend or during holidays; this practice is absolutely not recommended when using Online Live Support.

b. Do not use the smartphone for other purposes: the mobile phone you connect to Online Live Support should be dedicated to the integration and not be used to perform any other operations.Leave the WhatsApp application always open in the foreground.Your WhatsApp account should always appear as Online.

c. Remove all energy-saving features: most smartphones activate battery saving features by default. From the Settings, in the "Battery" section, make sure that those feature are disabled.

d. In your WhatsApp account settings, under Data usage and storage, set the automatic download of all media both when using the network and when using Wi-Fi.

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